Early life and Biography Edit

Prince-Duke Iverov is a nobleman from house Iverwood. Iverov is a charming and an intelligent noble. He was taught etiquette in his grand hall by his parents. He was born in Thulusan and after his parents passed away, he became the new lord of Iverwood. He spent most of his time gathering knowledge and reading books. Iverov knows when to take up arms, and when to bend the knee.


Joining King Akrosalikh Edit

Iverov swore an oath to King Akrosalikh, that he would forever remain at his side, in defeat and in victory. Akrosalkh gave him a plot of land and some household guards, appreciating his loyalty. Iverov built a palace in the new lands, also building a fort around the palace. He gained the trust of his men and helped the building efforts in Iverwood.

A Shady Character Edit

Iverov named himself the "Prince-Duke", and as such, everyone refers to him that way. He was visited by Qolen Whelt, the most wanted man in Thulusan. It almost came down to combat, but Iverov agreed to talk privately in his bedchambers. No one knows what they talked about, but the "Prince-Duke" came out of the room bruised.

The Death Of Akrosalikh Edit

Iverov and Qolen planned to kill King Akrosalikh at Iverwood during a feast. Qolen provided the Phiix Poison and the king died shortly after he drank the poisoned wine. Iverov became the new king of Thulusan.

Death Of IverovEdit

Iverov seized the capital of Icritha and eventually went after Maddox Ultra , the son of an infamous assassin. Qolen Whelt was shocked at his actions and in response, he announced the boy under his protection. Iverov was a fool to challenge Qolen Whelt. The duel was rather short. Qolen Whelt stabbed him in the eye and then in the stomach, while the grounded Iverov stabbed him in the leg. Once Whelt was on the finishing blow, Iverov's guards came rushing at him, backstabbing Whelt. Iverov was executed by Maddox while the guards were busy fighting Whelt.

Summary Edit

Iverov is a charming man and a nice person to chat with. He is loyal and plans ahead before making a decision. He wields the Emperor's Greatsword, a legendary sword forged by Gared Savaradi and once used by him.

"I came to talk, not to fight..."-Qolen Whelt.

"You're my loyal vassal and a servant."-King Akrosalikh.