The Black Dragon Edit

The Black Dragon is a very old armor, counting about 200 years. It was forged by Emperor Gared's blacksmiths, he gave this armor to his champion, Cytos Aeyron. Years passed, and soon, Cytos died of old age. His armor was still on his body when he died, yet no one had discovered him.

Qolen Whelt, who was on a mission from the archmage to gain the locket from Cytos, looted his body clean, acquiring at least 4000 crowns and also the legendary armor piece.

Black Dragon.

Black Dragon is a medium-weight armor. It's not considered heavy, but its very durable and can protect the user from many powerful blows.

Magical Properties Edit

The armor is enchanted and has extra resistance against magical spells, as well as arrows. In addition, it can withstand many heavy blows and slow down attacks, if somehow the armor is penetrated.

"A fine armor from a fine smith."-Qolen Whelt.

"Nice armor..."-Zerphis, the divine of hate, disguised as a knight.