Offensive, damaging potions:

  • Phiix Poison:

A green acid-like liquid. Touching this poison leads to severe burning and a high dose may even kill you. It's used for poisoning blades, but it can also be used against Morrowers as they're too fast to attack. To make Phiix, one needs herbs gained in the forest: Marx, Qualen, Velon. Then, one must get the juice out of these herbs and start making the poison.

Useful against: Morrowers; Poisoning Blades.

  • Zulaan Potion:

One of the rarest potions in the realm. Zulaan is a golden liquid which was developed by the mages who had trouble fighting a Lionsmane. However, not only is it good against a Lionsmane, it's very good for increasing the damage of a blade. Zulaan, when used on swords, may lead to devastating results. If mixed properly, the sword will go aflame, the user of the blade gets a slight advantage. It takes an year to create this potion, and the ingredients are hard to come by. One needs Dragon's hide, Ravager's fang and Tezen to make the potion.

Useful against: Lionsmanes; Upgrading Blades.

  • Farheaven:

Pure black liquid, the potion of Farheaven is acquired through dark deeds. One needs to be mastered in necromancy, as the potion requires actual human souls to be made. Farheaven's the only method of defeating Fangers, otherwise, they're untouched by normal blades. Farheaven also results in an immediate death after it is drunk.

Useful against: Poisoning Humans; Defeating Fangers.

  • Sunscaster:

Sunscaster is a red colored liquid. It is used by adventurers when dealing with monsters. Sunscaster increases overall damage resistance, it also sharpens reflexes. It's not very hard to make, one only needs Sunscast to make it.

Useful against: Any Monster; Humans.

Defensive potions

  • Moonsbane:

Moonsbane is a blue colored liquid. It's used by adventurers, mercenaries, kings and the alike. Moonsbane increases damage resistance, but unlike Sunscaster, it's duration is shorter, yet, it's more effective. After drinking Moonsbane, the wounds heal faster and the user feels no pain. The ingredient for it, Moozak, only appears at night in the forests.

Useful against: Any Kind Of Enemy.

  • Wolfsaken:

Wolfsaken is a pink colored liquid. It is used by blacksmiths to increase the effectiveness of an armor. Wolfsaken greatly increases the armor's durability and damage resistance. If it's drunk daily, it also increases damage resistance to the point that one simply gets an "Ironflesh". Wolfsaken grows in the mountains. Mysteriously enough, it also can put out fires.

Useful against: Ememies which use fire; Fire.

  • Lux'n:

Lux'n is a black colored potion. Lux'n increases damage resistance against poison and fire. It is one of the newest invented poisons, developed by the Emperor Gared Whelt, who always feared he'd get poisoned. It is commonly used at feasts by paranoid lords and nobles.

Useful against: Poison.