• Ravager:

A hairy, black, huge beast which move very quickly and is deadly at close range. The beast has long claws, allowing for increased mobility and strength. It can destroy most of the armor in one hit, then, slowly, it rips the flesh off of the victim. The Ravager then eats the victim.

Weaknesses: Fire; Dark Magic.

  • Skuller:

Skuller is the kind of a monster which can change shape and size. The monster's original shape or size is unknown. Skuller is very fast, or, as some say, the fastest creature in the whole realm. The monster also has poisonous claws. They mostly come in packs and aren't very easy to defeat.

Weaknesses: Fire; Slace Blade.

  • Morrower:

Morrowers also come in packs, but they're easier to defeat. They live in forests. These tiny little creatures are not to be underestimated; They overwhelm their victim, biting and slashing at them. They're very vulnerable to the Phiix Poison.

Weaknesses: Phiix Poison.

  • Weavers:

Weavers are medium sized monsters with wings. They fly very quickly and they attack Morrowers most of the time. Weavers attack at night and they live in the mountains. They have thick skin and very rarely, some of them can even breathe fire(however, it's actually more like "spitting" fire), thus, there's a theory that they're deceased dragons.

Weaknesses:Titanium Blade; Lux'n.

  • Dragons:

Dragons are huge monsters with wings. They are rarely encountered and it's more likely to find them in the mountains. They breathe fire, have huge claws and attack villages for easy prey. Dragons were a challenge during the rule of Oqualan the third, so he formed a group of elite fighters, the users of wind magic, making the ultimate renowned dragon slaying faction, "Dragonknights". Dragonknights slowly got rid of the dragon threat and almost made dragons extinct!

Weaknesses: Wind magic;Titanium Blade.

  • Fangers:

Fangers are souls which haunt a certain place, most commonly called "Wraiths". A Fanger is created when a soul isn't accepted into any of the divines' realms. Thus, he's stuck, and haunts the place. Fangers are very hard to defeat if one doesn't know how to handle them. They will not leave the location they haunt, so it's easy to trap and then defeat them. Fangers ignore the victim's armor and their weapons easily rip through flesh. They can only be defeated by a Titanium Blade, or by a blade sharpened with Farheaven.

Weaknesses: Farheaven.

  • Lionsmane:

A Lionsmane is one of the most magical creatures to exist in the realm. The monster's a fusion of many terrifying beasts and draws power from the weak. When dealing with a Lionsmane, you shouldn't think of how to defeat it, instead, you should think how to outrun it. Lionsmane is a lion like creature(as the name gives it away), it can withstand lots of pain and it lives in caves. The approach of a Lionsmane could be heard as it roars before attacking the victim.

Weaknessses: Zulaan Potion.