Dawn, Sword Of The Serpent. Edit

Dawn is a legendary titanium sword acquired by Qolen Whelt, who acquired this sword in the mysterious temple. Dawn is said to be the sword of the great water serpent, forged by the archmage.


Dawn, like every nice blade, is forged from pure titanium. It is a longsword, flexible, but very damaging. It's enchanted with oil, as its purpose was to destroy the water serpent. Truly, when Qolen Whelt encountered the water serpent, he slew it with this blade. Dawn can make men flee from its mere appearance, and it can cleave men in half.

Magical Properties Edit

Unfortunately, this sword doesn't have any magical effects, aside from the enchanted oil status. It is good for fighting magical creatures, and also humans, but it was designed to battle magical creatures such as the serpent of water.

"I name you Dawn."-Qolen Whelt.

"That is my sword..."-The archmage.

"I have a nice blade too!"-Hamilton Ultra boasting.