The Emperor's Greatsword Edit

Emperor's greatsword

The Emperor's Greatsword is a greatsword forged by Emperor Gared Savaradi's smiths, and then used by him. After his death, his champion Cytos Aeyron became the new owner of it. Cytos then died of old age, and so Qolen Whelt, when looting his body, found the sword along with the "Black Dragon". The sword is very old, but still legendary.

Qolen Whelt gave the sword to Prince-Duke Iverov Iverwood as a gift for their friendship and agreement.

Magical Properties Edit

The sword is very emperor-like, it's heavy, but it penetrates through any kind of armor easily. It's also very useful when fighting waves of enemies. The sword's shown unimaginable resistance to fire and it doesn't seem to melt.