• Emperor Gared Savaradi

Born in 1342, Gared was the son of a farmer in Evraeca. In the year 1356, during the war with Aigrunyth, Gared defended his village with his own blade, slaying more than 10 men. The King made him his squire, and then, even his knight. Savaradi rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the knight Lord Commander. He was a renowned warrior, and when he took up arms against the king in his own hall, no one dared to object. Gared slayed the king, took the ladies as hostages and quickly captured the other lords too. The people who helped Gared ascend became the most prestigious lords and formed one of the strongest factions in the kingdom, "The Council". Gared wasn't a king, he was an emperor. He slayed more than half of the Evraeca's citizens. He trained and acquired the best army in the whole Agrar. He formed the elite king's guards, "The Hollow Host", he stopped the dragon invasion, he stopped more than 5 revolts, he slew more than 5 players in the server(yep, it happened), finally, he sacrificed himself to stop the invasion of the Dark Creatures. Thus, he earned his name as a legend.

  • Lord Henry Of Asnurg

Lord Henry was the lord of Asnurg, a region of the Evraeca Empire. He was never fond of the Emperor Savaradi, and he made it clear when he started a rebellion against him. Unfortunately, none of the lords helped him in his attempt to overthrow Gared. He prepared at his best, putting all of his resources in his army. Managing to acquire at least a 5 thousand men army, he marched towards Darenby, but he was stopped dead in his tracks as the Emperor encountered him near Dragon's Eye. The battle was bloody and short. The knights of Evraeca carved a path for the infantry to push as the Emperor slew everyone around him. Gared challenged Henry to a duel, which he accepted. Lord Henry was killed in the duel, specifically, executed. His body was burned. His legacy was lost forever as he had no heirs. He was remembered in history as one of the bravest lords go against Gared Savaradi.

  • Tasal Masaji

Tasal Masaji was an assassin living in Redwoods. He was known for his stealth and agility. He, also, was a great treasure hunter. Initially, he started working for the Emperor in an attempt to colonize one of the islands east of Evraeca. He was rewarded with the legendary dagger, "Amnesia" by the Emperor. Tasal then left Gared's service and continued on with his life. He then bought another set of legendary equipment, A legendary bow. He was neutral in politics and did nothing to prevent the rebellion of Lord Henry. Tasal was killed during the invasion of the creatures. However, he was remembered through history as the greatest thief and an assassin.