House Iverwood Edit


House Iverwood was created 300 years ago and is one of the oldest houses to exist in the realm. Its founder was Ser Erryn Iverwood. The house is a prestigious one, Iverwood, the great palace, being the seat of the house. Iverwood is located at Thulusan. The current living members of House Iverwood are Iverov Iverwood, also known as the "Prince-Duke" and Tyrnovo Iverwood.

House Iverwood has always been loyal to the crown. The previous lord of the house, Iverov's father, Jazen Iverwood, died from old age and his only heir was Iverov. Iverwood's lands have expanded as King Akrosalikh rewarded Iverov with more lands.

"Old And Proud."

"Honor and loyalty."