Early life and Biography Edit

King Isac was the second son of Edward The Bold, after his fathers death, his brother was supposed to inherit, but he died from the "Bloody Frail". Thus, Isac ascended to the throne. In his childhood, Isac ran around ships, climbing the rigging and finding more about the ships. He became strong and agile, knowing his way around ships. His father's previous fleet "The Majestic Serpent" was too weak in his opinion, so he created the fleet named the "Wardens", made of 35 ships.


The Serpent Edit

The shore of Icritha was getting decimated by the serpent of water, Isac was desperate. He was also at war with the Crukkaenid and hired the "Brave Company". By his orders, Qolen Whelt, the mercenary captain, helped the survivors of the shore. Later, King Isac gave him a large battleship and ordered him to take a fort from the Crukkaenid. He didn't hear any news from him, so he assumed Whelt stole the ship and his men. King Isac ordered his city watch to help any survivors and help the rebuilding efforts.

Problems Of The Kingdom Edit

The nation had many problems. Criminal overlords roamed around the lands, assassins killed innocent villagers and the state of economy was bad. The city watch already had its hands full, it was helping the rebuilding efforts. Isac could do nothing as he had a war on two fronts: With the Crukakenid, and inside his kingdom. Fearing he would get overthrown, he created the Guardians, elite champions and royal guards of the king.

Death of King Isac Edit

King Isac had already sent Qolen to take a fort from the Crukkaenid, he was in his palace as usual, when one of his Guardians approached him. Isac asked him what he wanted, but he got no response. Isac panicked, but it was too late, the Guardian threw a large firebolt at his face, burning him to ashes. The Guardian fled from the palace. The kingdom fell into an anarchy.

Summary Edit

King Isac was an able fighter and a nice ally. He was naive, he never realized how bad things were. He was assassinated by his own royal guard.

"My blade and loyalty is yours to manage."-Qolen Whelt.

"For the kingdom of Icritha..."-Thoughts of the assassin.

"King Isac was a good man for sure, it is very unfortunate I wasn't there to save him."-Qolen Whelt.