Early life and Biography Edit

"Hamsted", or "Lord Hamsted", was born in Icritha. His real name is unknown. His father was a thief and his mother passed away after he was born. After his father's death, who was executed by the city guards, Hamsted organized the biggest criminal gang in the whole realm. Hamsted is an excellent trickster, but he lacks combat prowess. He wields a titanium sword which he bought himself. His organized gang contains thieves, assassins, thugs, mercenaries and the alike. When you want someone to disappear, you visit Lord Hamsted, when you need a loan, you visit Lord Hamsted, when you want the local authority bribed, you visit Lord Hamsted...


Known Crimes Edit

It's said that Lord Hamsted took part in the assassination of King Isac, but those are only rumors. What is known, however, is that he has killed countless city guards with his gang and bribed at least a hundred. Lord Hamsted knows when to give up, and that is the case of the encounter with Qolen Whelt. He found the mercenary captain and the assassin, Hamilton Ultra fighting. He ordered this "show" stopped and demanded that Qolen handed over Hamilton Ultra. In response, Whelt wounded him severely and made Hamilton pass out, taking him as a hostage to get out of his gang's reach. He was still surrounded, so he gave Hamilton up and went his way.

Death Of Hamsted Edit

Hamsted's mansion was assaulted by Qolen Whelt's men. Qolen Whelt caught him in his balcony, where he pummeled him to death, almost, but Hamsted set up his last trap, breaking the balcony apart. Hamsted died from the fall, but Qolen survived as he landed on top of him, crushing his brain.

Rivalry with Hamilton Ultra Edit

Lord Hamsted took Hamilton to his lair, where he demanded that he gave back the 2000 crowns he stole, or he'd die. Hamilton refused, and for that, he was tortured. He almost died and would have died if not for the mysterious circumstances that saved him. The ropes which tied him suddenly loosened, and Hamilton killed the guards, retreating to one of his safe houses. It was Tars who gave the lucky Hamilton a chance to escape.

Hamsted retreated as he thought Hamilton went after him.

Summary Edit

Lord Hamsted is a very powerful ally and a dangerous enemy. He is intelligent, a craven, a greedy man.

"You fucking prick!"-Hamilton Ultra

"Approach, and this guy's gonna get his days over."-Qolen Whelt when taking Hamsted as a hostage.

"We know when to act, and we know when to not enter the beast's lair."-Captain of the watch remarking about Hamsted.